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Launched in September 2015, is a local site covering the city of Kansas City MO.  It features discerning commentary on local news, plus surveys and profiles.  It is a sister site to, which is about Johnson County Ks, the most successful suburb and business community in the Midwest.   Our two coffee mug logo designs are by Brand Central Marketing, falls somewhere between the national phenom that is Huffington Post and the greatly respected ‘micro/mini’ site covering just the northeast corner of Johnson County, the PVPost. Since the KC Star dropped the local ball, we so admire the yeoman’s work primarily covering KCMO news as performed by Tony Botello at  However, allows no mean boy anonymous comments, no N. words and no half naked ladies.  

The parent company of KCMOPost is JoCoPost LLC, a Kansas corporation. Tracy Thomas writes the site from Shawnee.  A third generation writer in the style of Dave Barry and Maureen Dowd (don’t we wish) , she is the Doubleday author of“Right Here in River City” with the late Walt Bodine in 1976; former publisher of the KC Media Guide; ad agency exec since 1974; writer, producer and strategic media buyer nationally for memorable direct response radio campaigns that overcome inertia.  A brain theory copywriter, Thomas is a metaphysical painter/sculptor and collector of newly emerging artists and makers.  Formerly she interned with the NEA and was arts administrator for both KCMO and KCK.  She co-founded the 1000 member Kansas City Artists Coalition; the Church of Religious Science; and KC-NAWBO.   She once served a brief period in Hell on her local HOA association board.   Her second visit to Hell was as an elected official for five years, serving on the Shawnee City Council. She ran for Chairman of the Johnson County Commission in 2002.  While unsuccessful, she did beat the commissioner famed for throwing onion rings at waitresses-- with the tacit approval of the eventual winner, Annabeth Surbaugh.  Tracy’s hobbies include working for free to defeat tax increases, independent film festivals and raising two red F1B double bred 19 pound petite miniature goldendoodles, Wonder and Clue.  When they misbehave, she remarks, “No Wonder; No Clue”. 

Your registration is confidential.  You may use a pen name.  No Anonymous comments.  We  moderate and remove comments that are beyond the pale. Stay on topic. If you have an issue re photos or copyrights, just email us,   If we need to add a credit or remove a story or untrue fact, that’s the best way to alert us. We honor the DCMA Policy. 

No Kicking the Dead Policy: 
Unlike two local blogs, (KCConfidential and JimmyCSays), will NOT publish negative stories or tolerate mean comments about the immediately departed.  You gotta beef? Kick ‘em now before they kick the bucket, or wait at least 60 days. 

We feature KCMO movers and shakers: Real quotes subject only to length.  Our series of questions is a hybrid blend culled from Bernard Pivot/Inside the Actors Studio; The Pitch and the greatest magazine ever, Vanity Fair. 

Please submit names for our most popular and revealing section, the Profile.  You may self- nominate. Or your boss; a friend; someone you’ve always wanted to know more about—but don’t even know. A mover; a shaker…or perhaps a mover who shakes. In Profiles (only) we promise straight quotes; not to criticize or condemn.  Don’t wait for your obituary. Why force loved ones and co-workers to guess what you thought or believed or what drove you? Share now. 

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Practice your writing craft under our continually SEO optimized website. is designed and optimized by BRAND CENTRAL, OP’s best local/national web designers, hosts and optimizers for small business owners. 

We invite seasoned reporters who have left the KC Star etc. to make your outlet for sharing news, stories and commentary.  Who else in KCMO has your in-depth knowledge of politics, business, science, education, the arts, sports, the community or the law--or the ability to research and report?  If you wish, we will publish you unedited. And provide a personal copyright that is continually optimized and searchable.


Our format supports your writing brand as a national presence in your subjects of expertise and interest.  Unless you love being an entrepreneur, writing here is the best new way to connect professionally with other publishers, careers or freelance assignments.  You paid your dues sitting through all those meetings, honing your craft before the Mother Ship cut you loose.  Tell it as you see it.  Ask about our model for compensation based on relevancy and clicks. (Stories submitted by casual writers will be edited. Let’s talk.)   {updated 9/4/15.}

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